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Carrot Car Seat


  • Head & Chest Support
  • Tether Options
  • Seat Depth Adjustment & Recline Function
  • Shoulder Protector Wings

Designed for optimal positioning & safety for children with insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability. The Carrot Car Seat looks good, it’s lightweight, and it has rigid seating shell construction. In addition, the Carrot Car Seat features extension accessories and adjustable features – meaning it can suit a wide range of needs and has longer use during your child’s life.

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Huge growth to suit infants to older children

The Carrot Car Seat is suitable for infants to older children with the addition of extension accessories. Adjust the angle and depth of the seat and backrest, choose the correct cushions and pads – you’ll achieve a precise and supportive fit for your child.


The Carrot’s ‘body contouring’ design ensures optimum support and safety during transport. Ergonomic head support provides added positioning and security.

Side-Impact Protection

The Carrot Car Seat’s body-holding capability against side-impact is due to the ergonomic Head-Support and extendable Shoulder Protector Wings. Shock-absorbing F1-comfort pads on the shoulder straps add support.

Shoulder Protector Wings

For children with a seating height of more than 65 cm, Shoulder Protector Wings hold the body to protect child from side impacts.

ISOFIX Latch and Connector

The Carrot Car Seat comes with ISOFIX Latch Connectors. It’s the safest way to secure the Carrot to your vehicle seat*.

Reclining function

The Carrot Car Seat is designed to recline as the car seat angles.


The large anterior chest-support of the Carrot makes secure holding of your child torso easy.

*Latch installation is only possible if your car is equipped with latch anchors. Consult your car manual and ask your distributor for proper ISOFIX Latch installation.

User Age Range 3-15 years
User Weight Range 15-36 kg
Min. Seat Depth 25 cm (or 28 cm)
Max. Seat Depth 40 cm
Seat Width 31 cm
Shoulder Height (without shoulder wing support) 30-52 cm
Shoulder Height (with shoulder wing support) 45-67 cm
Footplate Height Sml: 25-30 cm
Med: 30-40 cm
Lge: 40-50 cm
Weight 8.7 kg
Standards met ECE R44/04

Head and Chest Supports are now available in Small and Standard Sizes

Specification Small Size Standard Size
Code 4116-0010-259 4116-0000-259
Chest Pad Small: 175 mm wide Large: 230 mm wide
Headrest Wings Shallow: 182 mm high, 205 mm long Deep: 195 mm high, 255 mm long
Small Size Chest Pad (blue) on Standard Size Chest Pad (red)

Small Size Chest Pad (blue) on Standard Size Chest Pad (red)

Small size headrest (left) and Standard size headrest (right)

Small size headrest (left) and Standard size headrest (right)

The difference between Small (left) and Standard (right) chest pad and headrest.

The difference between Small (left) and Standard (right) chest pad and headrest.

Carrot specs - small

Settings shown without shoulder wing support fitted

Carrot specs - large

Settings shown with shoulder wing support fitted

Carrot Flyer

Carrot User Manual

  • Anti-Escape Buckle Upgrade
  • Adjustable Hip Angle Straps
  • Backrest Extension Pads
  • Footplate
  • ISOFIX Tether Strap
  • Magnetic Release Buckle Upgrade
  • Rodded Seat Extension Large
  • Rodded Seat Extension Small
  • Seat Extension Pads
  • Shoulder Protector Wings
  • Tray Table
  • Pen-Popper Buckle