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Special needs strollers and prams for special kids.

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Convaid Strollers


AC Mobility stock the Convaid range of strollers—the EZ Rider, the Rodeo and the Cruiser! They’re a great balance of price, comfort and support for kids or teens who need posture support.

Convaid lead the world in compact-folding positioning systems. Their lightweight portability and solid durability make them the most convenient compact stroller wheelchairs for busy parents and children. Complete with loads of comprehensive positioning options to help you achieve the ideal support for your child. What’s more, the patented design provides maximum comfort and durability. Choose from the Rodeo, Cruiser and EZ Rider.

Convaid Rodeo

  • Lightweight & compact folding
  • Firm lateral supports
  • One-piece height adjustable push handle
  • 90º – 110º of Recline Adjustment
  • 5º – 45º of Adjustment Tilt
  • Solid seat cushion

Convaid EZ Rider

  • Upright seating
  • Self-Tensio™ Seating System
  • Growth Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Positioning Options
  • Lightweight & Compact -folding

Convaid Cruiser

  • Custom-built to your specification
  • A range of upholstery styles and colours
  • 5 years of growth capabilities
  • Comprehensive positioning options
  • Lightweight & compact folding – folds like an umbrella stroller

Which Convaid Stroller Is Right?

Why choose Convaid?

Convaid products offer superior performance, convenience and durability. They work relentlessly to create lightweight mobility products that provide better physical positioning and comfort for your child to promote good
health.  Convaid’s complete range of lightweight wheelchairs is suitable for all ages, weights, and heights, and more importantly is custom built for each individual user.  All compact-folding, portable wheelchairs are manufactured in the USA.

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