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Power Assist Wheelchair Devices

Now there is a middle ground between a manual and a power wheelchair.

Are you a manual wheelchair user who lacks some upper body strength? Do you live in a hilly area and find manually propelling yourself too much? Or are you caring for a wheelchair user and find it physically exhausting to be constantly propelling someone else?

There’s good news. AC Mobility’s range of power assist wheelchair devices can help. If you are a wheelchair user in need of a boost, choose from the Wheeldrive with its two drive modes, Smart Drive, Solo or Servo. If you are a carer looking for a power unit for attendants, take a look at the Merits Power Pack, Solo or v-max.

Power assist wheelchair devices are a revolutionary idea. Preserve your independence and get moving with the extra boost you need. If you need any advice or just want to chat about our range of power assist wheelchair devices, call us on (08) 9209 1777 or email us at sales@acmobility.com.au.

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Our Power Assist Wheelchair Device Range


Two power assist modes for the user
assisted self-propel or continuous powered propulsion

Smart Drive

Power assist for the user

Todo Drive

Power assist for the user


Power assist for the user


Power assist for the user or attendant

Light Drive & Light Assist

Power assist for the user or attendant


Power assist for the attendant

Non-Powered Wheelchair Assistance


safely traverse any rough terrain