Light Drive

Wheelchair Power Assist

  • User operated, attendant operated & paediatric models
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight

With the Light Drive, in just seconds you can turn any manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. Simply hook the unit on to the back of your wheelchair and control with via joystick, ready to handle all kinds of terrain! By disengaging the clutch, you can free-wheel it too. Choose from user controlled, attendant controlled or paediatric models.

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3 Models

Light Drive | User Propelled

  • Turn your manual wheelchair into an ultralight power chair in seconds
  • Transports easily in any vehicle
  • You can ‘free wheel’ when you want

Mini Light Drive | For Children

  • Instinctive, simple and easy to drive
  • Encourage children’s independence, promoting social development
  • Can be refitted as the child grows

Light Assist | Attendant Controlled

  • Effortless pushing of the wheelchair for the attendant
  • Speed control and braking aid
  • Journeys become easier


Step 1: Hook On

Place the power add-on on the hooks of the wheelchair

Step 2: Power Up

Slide the battery rack on the support, the connection is automatic

Step 3: Take Control

Fit the controller onto your wheelchair and take control


Weight* Motors
Light Drive2 8.8 kg 2 x 24 v x 130 W
Mini Light Drive2 7.4 kg 2 x 24 v x 130W
Light Assist2 8.1 kg 2 x 24 v x 130 W

*May vary slightly due to variations in components

Max weight (occupant): 120kg
Max speed: 10kph
Climbing ability: 20% gradient based on 70kg person
Battery: Lithium ion battery (accepted for air travel by IATA)
Brakes: Motor also acts as a downhill brake

Battery Specifications

Model: Lithium Battery | 297,6 Wh – 12 Ah
Weight: 3.85kg
Range*: 12 to 16 km
Recharge time: 5 to 6h
Life span: 1000 cycles (ffl 4 years)

*Range depends on terrain, temperature and weight of the user

Light Drive Wheelchair Power Assist Brochure

Light Drive User Manual

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