Power Chairs

We stock the widest range of electric wheelchairs around. We stock a range of rear wheel, front wheel or mid wheel drive and standing wheelchairs.

Power Wheelchairs

AC Mobility’s Range of Power Electric Wheelchairs


It can be a real challenge finding the right power chair for your needs.

Do you value the outdoor performance and low centre of gravity of a rear wheel drive wheelchair? Do you prefer the indoor manoeuvrability of a mid wheel drive? How do you want your controls set up—as a joystick, with palm control or something else? What are your needs with seating and positioning? What’s your preference in tilt and recline options?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you get it right. We have over twenty years’ experience getting clients in to the right electric wheelchair, and we’ve got the product range too. Wherever you are in Australia, we or one of our dealers can get you the wheelchair you want.

Rear Wheel Drive Power Chair With Stand Assist

Standing Power Chair

Power Wheelchair

Deluxe Power Wheelchair

Paediatric Power Wheelchair with Lift & Tilt

Front-Wheel Heavy Duty Power Chair

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Heavy Duty Bariatric Power Wheelchair

mid-wheel drive chair

entry-level power chair from $7,999

folding portable power chair

range of electric wheelchairs

range of electric wheelchairs