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Rifton Dynamic Pacer

Walker & Gait Trainer


  • Dynamic weight bearing and shifting enables a more natural gait
  • Three bases – standard/indoor, utility/outdoor, stability/treadmill
  • Quickly adjust, enables easy transfers
  • Easy to transport

Walking is a complex process. There are significant shifts of body and weight that occur during the walking process. The Rifton Dynamic Pacer gait trainer helps achieve proper positioning and assist dynamic weight bearing and shifting. This way, the user can enjoy a more natural gait pattern and easier stepping. Rifton’s Dynamic Pacer comprises an upper frame with a choice of three bases, to accommodate a range of abilities and settings.

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Dynamic movement

Walking is a dynamic process – as we walk our bodies make subtle but significant shifts vertically and laterally. During gait training this dynamic movement must be accomodated for to enable truly effective gait training.

The Rifton Dynamic Pacer, with its dynamic upper frame, allows for natural side-to-side and up-and-down movements during walking for a more natural and effective gait pattern.

Choice of two uppers & easy height adjustment

The dynamic upper frame floats three inches up and down and two inches side-to-side, providing dynamic body support.

The standard upper frame is an economical choice for clients who do not need dynamic movement. It’s compatible with the classic Rifton prompts you’ve grown to love.

The column has been indexed for easy marking of positions between clients and sessions.

Versatile in every setting – a system built on three bases

The Dynamic Pacer is available with three different bases – standard, outdoors and a stability/over treadmill base. No matter the environment for training, there’s a base to suit.

Easy positioning & smooth transfers

The Multi-Position Saddle (MPS) is the ultimate positioning accessory for easy transfers and gait training, providing pelvic stability. The MPS can be used for anterior and posterior gait training.

The MPS makes transfers, especially for heavier clients, much easier. With the upper frame and MPS in their lowest positions you can ease seated clients onto the saddle.

Easy to transport

The Rifton Dynamic Pacer’s detachable upper frame is easy to transport. With separable components, you can bring the right base for each client and every situation.


Rifton Dynamic Pacer Sizes & Dimensions

Item Dimensions (inches)
Floor to top of arm prompt 24 – 35 32 – 47
Overall width Standard base: 26 Standard base: 28
Utility base: 30 Utility base: 32
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 35 Narrow treadmill/stability base: 35
Wide treadmill/stability base: 40 Wide treadmill/stability base: 40
Overall length Standard base: 30 Standard base: 36
Utility base: 36 Utility base: 40½
Treadmill/stability bases: 41 Treadmill/stability bases: 41
Frame height Standard & utility bases: 21-27 Standard & utility bases: 29-39
Treadmill/stability bases: 22-33½ Treadmill/stability bases: 29-46½
Base height (without upper frame) Standard & utility bases: 21-27 Standard & utility bases: 16
Treadmill/stability bases: 21 Treadmill/stability bases: 22½
Frame weight (lbs) Standard base: 15 Standard base: 15½
Utility base: 18½ Utility base: 19¼
Narrow treadmill/stability base: 27½ Narrow treadmill/stability base: 27½
Wide treadmill/stability base: 28 Wide treadmill/stability base: 28
Standard upper: 7½ Standard upper: 9½
Dynamic upper: 11½ Dynamic upper: 13½
Dynamic upper movement Vertical: 3 Vertical: 3
Horizontal: 2 Horizontal: 2
Maximum treadmill width Narrow treadmill/stability base: 29 Narrow treadmill/stability base: 29
Wide treadmill/stability base: 34 Wide treadmill/stability base: 34
Maximum treadmill height Treadmill/stability bases: 11 Treadmill/stability bases: 11
Maximum working load (lbs) 150 200
Chest prompt range of circumference (inches)
Medium 22-40
Large 28-50
Important: Make sure that the chest prompt width allows for growth.
Communication tray (inches)
Inside Dimensions 8½ x 11
Maximum working load (lbs)  10
rifton dynamic pacer

Communication tray

rifton dynamic pacer

Rifton accessories tote

rifton dynamic pacer

Handholds only

rifton dynamic pacer

Ankle Prompts

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Hand Loops

rifton dynamic pacer

Pelvic Harnesses

rifton dynamic pacer

Thigh Prompts

rifton dynamic pacer

Chest Prompts

rifton dynamic pacer

Hip Positioners

rifton dynamic pacer

Multi-position saddle

rifton dynamic pacer

Arm Prompts

rifton dynamic pacer


rifton dynamic pacer


rifton dynamic pacer


rifton dynamic pacer


rifton dynamic pacer


Rifton Dynamic Pacer User Manual

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