Smart Drive for Wheelchair Users and Other Power Assist Options

Smart Drive for Wheelchair Users and Other Power Assist Options

The Smart Drive for wheelchair users is a great option if you want a power boost, but don’t need a power wheelchair. But are there other options out there?

Yes there are – and they’ve all got their strengths. Let’s have a look at the models AC sells and see which one is right for you.

No one fits into a conveniently-defined box, so not everyone suits the same power assist device. If you are a manual wheelchair user and you want to spare your shoulders some punishment, the device you need will be different from a carer who needs help pushing a wheelchair.

So keep reading to find our more—or just watch the video.

Power assist wheelchair devices for users

Smart Drive for Wheelchair MX2 + Pushtracker

Power assist for the user

The Smart Drive for wheelchair users easily attaches to the camber bar – getting you up inclines, over carpet, even grass. It intelligently adapts to the amount of force you apply. Use the Pushtracker wristband to control speed and braking! The Smart Drive can go for days before needing to be recharged.

The Servo

Power assist for the user

Unlike the Smart Drive, the SERVO attaches directly to the wheels of your wheelchair. The Servo quietly responds to your push with power of its own, thanks to it’s gearless design. Remove Servo without tools, or just fold up your foldable chair with the Servo attached and fit it in your car boot. The Servo’s battery is light at only 4.2 kg, and can go up to 55 km.

Power assist wheelchair devices for users and carers


Power assist for the user and carer

The SOLO shares many similarities with the Servo, except the SOLO has be operated by the user or the caregiver. The SOLO has a range of up to 35 km while the battery pack weighs a mere 4.2 kg.

Power assist wheelchair devices for carers

The Merits Power Pack

Great if you are caring for a wheelchair user, the Merits Power pack wheelchair assist device is power to give your loved one a power boost. It can be easily attached to most manual wheelchairs, including folding frames. Features include its convenient forward & reverse direction switch & speed control; it’s portable & lightweight; and its twin wheel design allows greater traction – even on gravel and grass.


From AAT, the same company that brought you the SOLO and the Servo, comes the attendant-controlled V-MAX.

Fitting on almost any manual chair with a seat width of more than 36cm,  it’s both a pushing and braking aid. Going downhill, the V-MAX power assist wheelchair device brakes automatically for you safety. Because it’s lightweight and compact, you can easily transport the device. Legroom for the attendant remains so you can even drive on divided ramps – up to a gradient of 20%.

Smart Drive for Wheelchair MX2 with Thumb Throttle

Power assist for the attendant

With the addition of the Thumb Throttle accessory (sold separately), the Smart Drive can now be operated by the attendant! The Thumb Throttle can be put anywhere on the chair, but if attached to the wheelchair’s push handle, it can easily function as an attendant control.

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