Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair

  • Seat glide function – get under tables
  • Turning circle of 45cm – great for indoors
  • Low seat height of 38cm
  • Seat lift of 30cm

Highly manoevrable with a tight turning circle of only 45cm! With the seat glide function and a very low minimum seat plate height of only 38cm allows the TA iQ MWD to fit under tables and desks. A 30cm seat lift makes it easier to reach the things you need in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas. 

An extra set of castors combined with central drive wheels means excellent stability and a smoother drive on uneven terrain.

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vector P323 manoeuvrable


tight turning circle of 45cm perfect for indoors

mid wheel drive low seat height

Low seat height

seat height of 38cm makes it easier to access tables & desks

vector P323 off-the-shelf power chair

Tilt & lift as standard

Power tilt and lift (up to 30cm) are standard with the TA iQ


Crash tested

complies with international safety standards

Seat glide

The TA iQ is unique with its seat glide function – the wheelbase stays stationary and the seating system shifts forward! With the flip-up armrests, it makes it easier to get closer to tables, brush your teeth and perform a whole range of daily tasks.

Go low or get up high

Lowest floor to seat plate height 38cm/15″ with a standard seat elevation of 30cm/12″ allowing better access under tables, desks and when driving vehicles.
The TA-iQ offer a 45cm small turning radius, ideally suited for indoor use to allow improved access in bathrooms and smaller spaces. Power lift to a seat height of 68cm allows for improved access to higher benches.

Power Tilt & Lift as Standard

Power tilt and power lift is also standard on the TA iQ! For extra safety when using the power tilt function the centre of gravity is always above the drive wheels which gives added stability to the chair.

Manoevrable Mid-Wheel Drive & Comfortable Suspension

Mid-wheel drive is manoevrable, good for indoors. An extra set of castors combined with central drive wheels means excellent stability and a smoother drive on uneven terrain. 

Looks Good and Performs Like a Star

The TA iQ offers performance to go with its looks. The maximum speed is 10km, taking only 3 seconds to reach, and has a range of 40km. A 45° tilt, combined with an electric backrest, provides superior pressure relief. The TA iQ will fit any seating system specified, width 30-60cm, depth 30-55cm. The backrest is also easily adjustable and is designed to take any back cushion specified.


  • Width without Seat: 63cm
  • Length without Legrests: 90cm
  • Minimum Height from Floor to Seat Base: 38cm
  • Minimum turning Radius: 45cm
  • Electric lift height (minimum – maximum): 30cm (38 – 68cm)
  • Electric tilt: 45°
  • Motors: 4 Pole
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg
  • Maximum speed: 10 km/h
  • Maximum range (optimum): 40km

TA iQ Brochure

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