Ageing Daily Living Aids

AC have a range of products that can help older ones, including a great range of daily living aids. Automatic can openers, jar openers, hip-protecting underwear, shower chairs and stools. Many of our products can be ordered online too.

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Showroom Products

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OneTouch Peeler

Mug straw lid and sealed lid dual handle


• Supplied with two lids; one for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout.


• Graduations in the mug allow liquied consumption to be measured.

• Tough, plastic mug with handles.

• Mug (not lid) is dishwasher safe.

Male Urinal Bottle


• Made of clear plastic, graduated side to regulate liquid output.

• Handle for transportation.

• Flat bottom to stand on flat surfaces, ‘snap on’ lid to prevent spillage.

Days Adjustable Height Trolley Walker


• Can be used with or without the trays or it can be used as a table.

• Supplied with a cream painted steel frame.

• Clip on trays can easily be removed for cleaning.

• Adjustable height easily accessible loop lockable brakes.

• As the trolley has brakes, this Trolley can also be a walking aid.

$15 weekly hire

Knee support


• Open patella design relieves pressure.

• Exclusive reinforced patella stabiliser to prevent displacement.

• Helpful for post-operative knee problems, strains & arthritis.

• Fits either left or right knee.

Sacro lumbar support large


• 4 flexible steel stays; 4 aluminium stay.

• Made of light breathable, elastic multiband material.

• Comfortable lumbosacral support.

• Convenient hook & loop closure.

Adjustable Bath Board


• Durable moulded Bath Board.

• Provides a comfortable contoured seating area for sitting whilst bathing.

• Features adjustable feet to locate the board into a steady position in the bath.

• Supplied complete with a handle.

Swivel Bather


• A rotating seat that makes transfer over the bath safe and comfortable.

• Rests on any standard bath.

• Locks in both the transfer and bathing position.

• No fixtures or fittings required.

• Easily removable for normal bath use.

R&R Shower Stool

With padded seat / With plastic seat


• Australia Standards Approved.


• Manufactured 22mm Steel Tube

• Zinc dipped for rust proofing

• Powder coated white

• Solid plastic seat or optional padded seat

• 25mm Height adjustable legs

$10 weekly hire

Shower Stool – with Padded Backrest


• Height Adjustable.

• Permanently fixed, padded backrest for added user comfort and support.

• Powder coated, zinc treated steel.

KCare Shower Stool

With padded seat

With plastic seat


• This Shower Stool provides a rest for the user while showering and is ideal in a smaller shower area.

• It’s adjustable seat height and angle facilitates a comfortable seating position.

• The powder coated anti corrosive frame is manufactured from Zinc treated mild steel.

• The clip on seat allows for easy assembly, cleaning and replacement.

• Padded Seat option also available.

Commode Chair Bedside Deluxe


• Dual purpose adjustable chair.

• Fold back padded seat, curved padded back.

• Remvoable bowl with lid and carry handle.

• Adjustable height and angle.

• Three sided skirt to hide the bowl.

• Zinc treated frame.

$15 weekly hire

Shower Commode Bed Pan


• Plastic green shower commode pan.

• Can be used in bed as well.

• One Size

Commode Pan (with Bowl and Lid)


• Bedside commode bucket with lid.

• One Size

Shower Commode for Personal Use


  • Independently tested to conform to AS/NZS 3973:2009 for safety and peace of mind
  • Strap back rest for comfort and easy access
  • Integrated push handle for manoeuvrability
  • Swing-up arms for unrestricted side transfer
  • Removable swing-away and adjustable height foot rests for improved comfort and easy access
  • Note: commode DOES NOT come with accessories, such as seat, pan, pan carrier or bowl. These must be purchased separately.

$25 weekly hire

Commode Shower Chair – Self Propelled


• Designed for independent propulsion of the large rear wheels by the user.

• Swing away arms and legrests can be moved out of the way for ease of transfers.

• Two braking castors for stability.

• Flexible, impervious PVC backrest.

• Specify open or closed seat on order.

Note: commode DOES NOT come with accessories, such as seat, pan, pan carrier or bowl. These must be purchased separately.

$35 weekly hire

Shower Commode with Platform Footrest


  • Designed for multi-user situations – such as hospital and nursing homes, with simple to use swing up arms and foot operated sliding foot rest.
  • Manufactured from long lasting, durable, stainless steel tube and mounted on 4 x 125mm, water resistant castors, 2 braking on front.
  • Flexible impervious PVC backrest.
  • Note: commode DOES NOT come with accessories, such as seat, pan, pan carrier or bowl. These must be purchased separately.

Economy Toilet Support Frame


• 110kg weight capacity.

• Australia Standards Approved.

• Manufactured 22mm Steel Tube.

• Zinc dipped for rust proofing.

• Powder coated white.

• 25mm Height adjustable legs.

• Australian Standards tested to Type B corrosion resistance

Toilet Surround, White


• Made from corrosion resistant, lightweight, zinc treated steel.

• Two un-padded arm rests.

• Height adjustable, push-button legs.

• Rubber stoppers on feet.

Toilet Seat Raiser With or Without Lid

Pan Carrier – Stainless Steel


• Stainless steel pan carrier for Shower Commode.

Toilet seat raiser with arms


• The Nova Raised Toilet Seat is engineered with larger, heavyduty “worm screw” and locking plate to ensure a safe, secure fit.

• It is made from a heavy-duty moulded plastic construction which provides additional strength and durability.

• It also features tool free removable arms and foam padding that extends the entire length of the armrest for added comfort.

Seat – Padded Polyurethane


• Padded seat for shower commodes.

• Pan carrier runners.

• Blue polyurethane.

• Clip-on and are easily removed for cleaning and service.

• Interchanged for another model to suit the individual occupant.

• Seats to be ordered separately to the shower commode.

Male Non Spill Urinal no lid


• Non-slip urinal bottle.

• Non-spill to prevent leakage in any position.

• Excellent for bedroom use.

• Flat-bottomed to stand on flat surfaces.

• Capacity 1L.

Homecraft cup – Dysphagia


• Provides sufficient nose clearance to empty the cup without tilting the head back.


• Extended handle accommodates gripping by the thumb only or the entire hand.

• Helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs the liquid to the centre of the mouth while drinking.

Mug – Caring Clear


• Wide stable base.


• Two large, contoured and angled handles enabling user to hold mug in correct position.

• Ideal for those with tremor or who cannot sit upright.

• Microwave safe.

Opener Rubber Bottle Screw Cap


• Flexible rubber moulding for an easy, firm grip on small tops e.g. drink bottles or medicine containers.

• Also excellent for turning knobs.

Jar Opener – Rubber Twister


• Cone shaped rubber moulding.

• Fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the inside to give a good grip for opening twist-off jar lids.

Jar opener mighty lever


• Stainless steel band is fitted around the lid of a jar/bottle then clamped tight using the screw at the end of the handle.


• Handle functions as a lever.

Jar Opener Undo-It


• V-shaped coated metal opener with non-slip lining.



• Screws underneath a shelf or cupboard.

• Jar is slid into the V until it wedges, then twisted to remove the lid.

Key Turner


•Handle attaches to yale or mortise type door keys, providing an easy grip and good leverage for turning locks.

• Locking lever enables the keys to be positioned separately or locked back into the body of life handle.

Stirex Scissors – All Purpose


• A range of lightweight, scissors with spring assisted, curved, plastic handles. • Designed for right or left handed use. • The curved handles are made of polypropylene and are joined by a flexible nylon band that provides the spring to assist in opening.

Tap Turner – Capstan


• Clamps around the top of cylindrical tap tops providing leverage to turn them easily.

• Jaws can be locked in position.

• Barrel of the handle is spring loaded to allow the jaws to clamp down on the tap which is gripped by non-slip rubber linings in the jaws.

Tap Turner – Crystal


• Clamps around the top of cylindrical tap tops providing leverage to turn them easily.

• Jaws can be locked in position.

• Barrel of the handle is spring loaded to allow the jaws to clamp down on the tap which is gripped by non-slip rubber linings in the jaws.

Homecraft Kitchen Work Station


• Workstation includes a removeable grater and slicer, an L-shaped corner, removable spikes and removable clamp. • Non-slip suction pad feet are provided to prevent board from moving. • Dishwasher safe.

Food Prep System


• Cutting board for those who have difficulty in gripping.

• Non-slip feet prevent board from moving.

• Suction pads are provided for wet surfaces.

• The clamp can fix items such as tins or bowls and the stainless steel spikes keep vegetables still when peeling or cutting.

Peeler – Gordon


• White coated steel plate which clamps to the work surface by pressing the slider sideways.

• Swivelling hard blade slotted into the top is operated by holding a vegetable and pushing it over the blade away from the user.

• Peelings drop into a plate behind the peeler.

Ring pull can opener


• Designed to assist with opening ring pull cans.

• Fabricated from red moulded plastic.

• Allows for gross palmar grasp to be used.

• Suitable for one handed use only if used in conjunction with a stabilising device.

Homecraft EZ Slide Shoehorn 46cm


• Specially coated shoehorn prevents the metal shaft from sticking to the skin or clothing.

• Shaft has fewer curves then normal shoehorns improving insertion and removal of the feet.

• Handle is made of non-slip material.

Shoe Horn – Plastic


•Standard plastic long Shoe Horn.
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