Paediatric Equipment


We stock, service and repair a wide range of paediatric mobility equipment. We go out of our way to make sure your child gets the support and attention they need. AC Mobility stock R82, Rifton, Convaid, Levo and more.



Our Paediatric Range

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Wheelchairs, Seating & Mobility Solutions


Mobility Products




Postural Products


Postural Support Products


Mobility Products


Series Bed


Safe Surround Bed


Pixi Stroller

Convaid Strollers

Ormesa Bug

Ormesa Clip

R82 Stingray

R82 Cricket

Power & Manual Paediatric Wheelchairs

R82 Kudu Manual Wheelchair

Zippie IRIS

Meyra Flash Folding Wheelchair

Meyra Brix Fixed Frame Wheelchair

Paediatric Seating

R82 Wombat Living Activity Chair

Jenx Bee Seating System

Jenx Junior Seating System

Jenx Corner Seat

Rifton Activity Chair

Rifton Compass Chair

Smirthwaite Heathfield Chair

Smirthwaite Brookfield Chair

Smirthwaite Corner Chair

Smirthwaite Juni Chair

R82 Scallop Seat

R82 X:Panda

More R82 Seating

Paediatric Standing

Jenx Standz

Jenx Monkey

Jenx Multistander

Jenx Supine Stander

Jenx Prone Stander

Smirthwaite Supro Stander

R82 Rabbit

R82 Meerkat

R82 Standing Range


Rifton Pacer

Rifton Dynamic Pacer

Rifton TRAM

Nimbo Walker

Grillo Walker

R82 Crocodile

R82 Mustang

Other R82 Products

Paediatric Transportation Products

Carrot Car Seat

R82 Transportation Products

Toilet and Bath

R82 Manatee

Rifton Wave

Rifton HTS Toileting

Heron Toileting System

R82 Flamingo Shower/Toilet Chair

R82 Flamingo High Low

R82 Swan Toilet & Bathing Chair

Combi Toileting Chair

Smirthwaite Bath Corner Chair

Desks, Beds & Accessories

Smirthwaite Personal Tilt Table

Smirthwaite Study Desk

Smirthwaite Connect Tables

Nino Bed

Medifab Safe Surround Bed

R82 Accessories

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